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Does fpexif support XMP tags


I'm looking for a library that can make XMP tags available from an image file.  I've been using fpexif for exif and iptc tags.  I do not see mention of xmp being available, so thought I would ask.

If it doesn't, does anyone know of a library that does?  I've tried searching but not finding anything.  Closest I've found is exif spy.  But the code is not broken out into a library.


Yes, fpExif does support XMP. Have a look at the metadata_viewer sample project which comes with fpExif: just find the XMP tags in the XMPData of the ImgInfo (rather than in the ExifData).

Thanks for the info.  Since I do not see any sign of XMP in the source files, I must be using an older version.  I'll download the latest and try it out.

It was added in March 2022. Just reworked it recently because it had broken compilation with Delphi, but it is fine again now.

I downloaded latest and it is working.  No idea where I got the original source I downloaded, guess its possible I downloaded last year.  But in any case.  Latest is working.  Thank you.


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