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I normally click on "Show unread" to get a list of the unread messages but, this time it showed no unread messages in spite of the fact that there are plenty (over a dozen) or unread messages.

Obviously, I don't know if this behavior is caused by a recent change in the forum configuration by one of the administrators but, figured I'd mention the problem as an FYI to those who might have made a change that caused the problem.

Attached is a screenshot showing a good number of unread messages on the right hand side yet not a single one of them in the list of unread messages.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem or is my browser seeking attention ?

Feedback welcome and appreciated.


References to "unread messages" should have been "unread topics"

Hello,This is the "normal" behavior of the forum. I have been experiencing this since the beginning.
It happens when you log in to the forum and close the session without reading. By logging in right away again, you will not see unread posts. Only after some time when someone adds a new post you can go to unread and click on the link "Show all unread" (on right side under the list) and then you will see all the actually unread messages


--- Quote from: paweld on November 08, 2023, 02:25:38 pm ---Hello,This is the "normal" behavior of the forum. I have been experiencing this since the beginning.

--- End quote ---
I find that rather surprising.  It's never been that way for me and, I've been here a number of years now.

Yes it is normal. I had it even yesterday when I returned from a week long holiday and there were six pages of new posts.

I cherry picked the interesting ones and left the rest, yet this morning the page was empty.

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