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Issue with debugging a dll



I am trying to debug a dll. I have set a host application that uses this dll under Run parameters.
I can set a breakpoint which is a red circle with a question mark.
When I start debugging the question mark changes to a x. Which as far as i know the breakpoint isn't accepted.
I have already reinstalled Lazarus and gone back to the default settings. But this hasn't solved my issue.
I have added printscreens of a few of my lazarus settings which I think are relevant.

I forgot to add some relevant information. I use Windows 10 Pro 64 bits and i have installed Lazarus 2.2.6 with the 32 bit installer.

Does anybody know were my issue with debugging might be? I have never had this issue with Lazarus before.

I think you need 3.0RC to debug dll.

You may be able to use 2.2.6, if you switch the debugger-backend to GDB. (tools > options)

Debugger feature and required versions:

It used to say 2.4 for libraries under FpDebug. but versioning changed, and 3.0 will be instead of 2.4.

With my version of 2.2.6 I indeed need to change the debugger-backend to GDB to be able to debug a dll.
I also read somewhere that for new versions the fbdebugger was set as default. Might be that in the previous version that i used this was still the GDB debugger set as default.

Because last time i was debugging a dll I didn't have to change my debugger-backend.
Thank you for the help!


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