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  Currently I do not have any formal background in Pascal/ObjectPascal/Delphi/FPC/Lazarus, but am interested on potentially finding stable work with the language in the future.  I really enjoy programming in ObjectPascal, and a fair amount of all my new projects are all built in Lazarus.  As an example of my abilities with the language, I highly recommend checking out my most recent project which is a 6502 Simulation Toy, or rather a potential "Edutainment Product" in the vain of the "Maxis Software Toys" idea of old, where the software is more or less like a really fun sandbox to play around with a simulated concept and to get one's hands dirty.  This program demonstrates the use of creating a Lazarus form, multiple forms, creating and using custom Lazarus components, calling and integrating a third-party C dynamic library which works on both Windows and UNIX systems alike.  The project also displays my attention to cross-platform design to ensure that although my code is developed on Linux, it will run the same when compiled to Windows.  I'm sure this project also demos a lot of other abilities I am not even noticing I may have.  Here's the site here, along with a bunch of information, me in some demo videos showing the program, and a beta download to check it out yourself.

6502 Simulation Toy site:

Can we build musically games on old-computer/s?
Main problem is not hardware, then main problem is musicall generators.
Double image to opengl32,  here you view interlaced image from z80screen$?
 :o 8)
Main goal musically,
But the public like these?


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