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I have an app with main form and 3 forms thus far. Using TDbf because it's to be a 1-3 users at the most. I have been building the forms loaded from the main form and placing the Dbf and Datasource on each form. Some are redundant. Would it be better to have a form with just the TDbf's on it and each form using that form with DataSources on each form. Basically the Database form would just be used by other forms.

it is called datamodule see also wiki:

Can we do the index in dbf

Can we encrypt the table

How to use multi user

Do you know that it is considered rude to hijack someone else's thread ?

If there is additional content (related to the topic) that could be added to a thread then that is encouraged but you don't even seem to have the decency to wait until the Original Poster has responded to the answer directly related to his question.

In your culture it might perhaps be considered smart or normal to hop on a(ny) bandwagon simply because there is an overlap in the topic at hand but in programming forums it is considered very rude to pollute an existing thread with (all kinds of) side questions especially when these questions are asked before the original question from OP was answered. The questions you asked in itself are obviously caused by the fact that you are too lazy to read a tutorial and/or manual and/or does not want to google for answers. Such behavior can even be perceived as trolling.

--- Quote from: Prakash on October 31, 2023, 10:29:31 pm ---Can we do the index in dbf

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Can we encrypt the table

--- End quote ---
no (not by default functionality).

--- Quote ---How to use multi user

--- End quote ---
read the tutorial (which also contains a link to the official tdbf manual)

Next time when you ask a question consider asking because it has an actual direct relation with existing code or idea and not a generic questions for which the answer can be found/located in about 2 jiffies. Doing so will prevent from aggravating answers/responses.

Ofc. take it for the 2 cents that my response isn't even worth.

TRon, thanks and Wow!  Reading a bit, this is exactly what I was aiming for! Thanks!
But another question, the examples are describing a SQL database.  I'm just using Dbf because it appears easier to just build tables and use the Lazarus components while developing the app.  The way it sounds, which I just created for this app.  Do I put the Dbf table components on the DataModule.  Then, let's say on my Client form just put the DataSource property on it because all the DBEdits, DBLookUpComboBox's, etc. are just wanting the DataSource property. That also means that the Client unit would have the Datamodule unit name included so the DataSource's could see it's coresponding Dbf in the Datamodule.  Does this make sense, am I on the right track?


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