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Static linking the openSSL libraries: error linking "Internal error 200603061"


Compiled OpenSSL into mingw32 for Windows 10 (x64) in static mode. The resulting libraries *.a, together with dependencies, were attached to the program via {$LinkLib}. The problem occurs when calling functions from a static library. If you call procedures, there is no problem. For example, calling the function "TLSv1_1_method:Pointer" - does not allow compiling a program with an error from the topic of the post. Using an external compiler does not solve the problem - the error "Error while linking" occurs. I take the plug-in libraries from mingw64. Share the current static linking of OpenSSL to Lazarus 2.2.6 + FPC 3.2.2. I will be very grateful. :'(

Did you build those libraries yourself or did you use precompiled ones like those from curl?


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