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ComboBox height can't be made larger than 20 on intel Mac

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You’re welcome. Good luck  ;)

on cocoa, various controls including tcombobox are fixed by the OS, its not a flaw of lazarus, but 'features' of the os native widgetset.

If your needing your UI to be the same on all platforms you support, then its best to use controls that are custom controls and non reliant on the native widgetset your targetting..

Its worth remembering that controls may have properties that are not supported on various OS's, indeed lazarus does inform you of these if you click the restriction tab for whichever control you editing.

Hi Josh

Aha! I didn't see that restricted tab because it's not visible unless the object inspector is made quite wide.



There is also a "Restriction Browser" in the "View" menu with a bit more text.


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