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[SOLVED] Inheriting a form residing in a package


The main form of my project inherits a form (of type TRootForm) residing in a package I created. TRootForm has a menu and an action list.
When I open the main form of my project, I do not see the menu and the action list in TRootForm. The main form inherits from TRootForm. How can I extend the menu and the action list in my project? Should I do it in code or is there some way to make the menu and action list appear in the descendant form of my project so I could customize them visually?

Appreciate any suggestion you might have.

did you call the inherited constructor first before doing the code in the final constructor ?

Hi Jamie,
   Whoa! I just did: I added the constructor to the descendant form and called inherited Create(TheOwner) and bingo, the form now shows as expected. I feel silly now. If you happen to know offhand a wiki or a documentation on form inheritance, could you please post it here? That would be great!

   Thanks for your reply! Much appreciated.


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