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--- Quote ---Please report on the bugtracker.
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I would have done so if i only were able to provide a simplified test case, but i can't.
The only i have is the behaviour, and, if needed, the compile/link event log, but there's nothing suspicious herein. So my hope was that somebody may have an idea about a possible source resp. an indication how to track it down.

Addendum when the app has been compiled/linked, and i press "Start" again, nothing won't happen and the message window is empty.
But the executable is correctly generated and startable from outside if the IDE is closed.

Lazarus 3.0RC2 (rev lazarus_3_0_RC2) FPC 3.2.2 x86_64-win64-win32/win64

--- Quote ---Debugger
--- End quote ---
is FPDebug.

--- Quote ---Antivirus / Windows Defender
--- End quote ---
:  The output folder now is excluded from Win Defender  -> no difference

--- Quote ---Logfile
--- End quote ---
Is attached


--- Quote ---Debugger
--- End quote ---
The same happens when having set (within Tools > debugger) the debugger backend to GDB.

Is it just the one project?

Other old projects work or not?
New empty form ?

Have you tried: Run > Reset Debugger ?

Though if you just started the IDE, then there would be nothing to be reset...

Any Pas2Js packages installed?

Could you recompile the IDE with
-dVerboseDebugger -dDBG_VERBOSE -dDBG_WARNINGS
and provide another log?


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