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Tpanel became ugly in trunk?

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TPanel used to look like a TGroupbox and TPageControl, matching the design/look, with a nice modern flat look and rounded corners.

However, somewhere in the last few trunk changes (pre October 2023), TPanel degraded to a Windows 3.1 boxy Tanel with square corners and raised panels. (see screenshots)

It could be that I'm the only one experiencing on both my Mac, in that case any assistance would be welcome to make it look normal again.
Confirmation by others would be very welcome as well of course 😊

Note: I did report this as a bug as well (bugtracker 40545).

I have this issue on both my Mac's:

Reproduced on:

Lazarus/FPC Version: Lazarus 3.99 (rev main_3_99-793-g 07025f3b) FPC 3.3.1 aarch64-darwin-cocoa
Operating System: macOS Ventura (13.5.2)
CPU: 64 bit ARM (AARCH64)

Lazarus/FPC Version: Lazarus 3.99 (rev main_3_99-758-g 3b4b6dd3) FPC 3.3.1 x86_64-darwin-cocoa
Operating System: macOS Sonoma (14.0)
CPU: 64 bit x86_64

It looks to me like theming has change/applied, try to turn it off in project options.
If it was off, try opposite :)

Did it helped?

Thanks KodeZwerg for chiming in. 😊

Unfortunately, I do not see a theming option under Project Option (p.s. I am working on a Mac).

excuse daft question,  are you sure your widgetset is set as cocoa (native macOS)? its not set to qt? if you using it of course.

Totally legit question for sure ... but nope.
It's set to default, and based on your suggestion I even verified it was set it to Cocoa.

Even tried QT, since I was curious what would happen, but that did not even compile on my Mac.
Good suggestion though - thanks for chiming in!  :)


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