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Cross compiling from OSX 10.11 El Capitan / x86_64 to other CPU driven OSX-es

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--- Quote from: TCH on October 12, 2023, 12:20:59 am ---....
As for ARM64, it fails with the error messages of
--- Code: ---Error: clang: error: invalid Darwin version number: macosx11.0.0
Error: clang: error: invalid version number in '--target=arm64-apple-macosx11.0.0'
lazaruspackageintf.pas(104,0) Error: Error while assembling exitcode 1
--- End code ---
I thought FreePascal compiles almost API-independent binaries, carrying everything within the binary. Is it possible to compile for a newer OSX, than i have, or i have to make my machine dual booting?

--- End quote ---
You definitely need, in Apple's opinion, Big Sur to compile to Apple Silicon. The FPC will do its bit but there is a lot more going on, particularly in xcode. Someone who knows more about Mac's might be be able to tell us how you can force a later xcode onto High Sierra but its way beyond me.

I recently picked up an old Mac Mini that can run Monterey because of exactly that ! This was after trying every trick in the book to make a VM with Big Sur and failing miserably. I want it for nothing more that the occasional build of the Apple versions of my app. Sigh....


I see, it is not Lazarus, but XCode what is unable to build the binary for ARM. Thanks. Well, then dual boot it is.

I've managed to do the dual boot setup: now i have High Sierra for making i386 binaries and Big Sur for making aarch64 ones, and x86_64 executables of course can be made on both systems...but the PowerPC building is still failing with error -13. What is that error? I found no docs on that. The crosscompilers are installed on both systems and if i call them manually from terminal, they print out their options.

Any ideas?

i thought either leopard or snow leopard was the last mac os that supported powerpc g4etc, and xcode 3.?.? or was it 4. was the last xcode that compiled for it also.
I could be wrong but it must have been at least 10 years ago when i last tried it.

I try to do cross-compiling. There is a PPC crosscompiler version of FPC for x86 Macs:

BTW, can anyone confirm, that this ARM64 Mac binary runs on an ARM64 macOS? (Just an empty form for test. I can compile to Aarch64 on Big Sur, but i cannot run and test it.)


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