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Delima, can't get Lazarus to run after multiple reinstallations!

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Hi, I used to program years ago back in the late 80's & 90's. Started out with Clipper then moved to Delphi 5 then 7. I was in a conversation with a friend which ended up him asking me to write a system to manage his business. I'm retired and always looking for a new project. So, researching decided to use Lazarus/FPC. Starting out, was easy-pezy but can't get anything to run after awhile. What happens, I can design a main form with a main menu plus speed-buttons at the top. Running this, great. Design a second form that would be contacts mgt. Running this, found that launching the second form from the main caused an issue just because my design was more like Delphi so did some reading. Basically, adding the second form to my project puts this unit into the project file and creates the form in the project file when this to me isn't necessary because I can do this in the main form. Anyway, figured this all out and got the second form launching for awhile.  But, after about a week, Windows 10 doesn't recognize Lazarus and I have to run as Administrator although my login is as an administrator. But, every time I launch Lazarus Windows pops up, "Do you want this app from an unknown  Windows to run this program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this device?"  So, I've removed Lazarus and reinstalled multiple times.  After a 3-4 times starting up Lazarus I get an error that it can't load my project and to start a new project, see the attached.  So, I've been starting a new project and reloading my units every time, give me a break! I would be glad to share the source of the Project file and the 2 units I've created thus far if that would help with anyone to figure this out.  I also read that a few folks have installed both the 32 bit and the 64 bit versions of Lazarus to avoid memory issues.  I did that yesterday and back to the same issues after starting up Lazarus after just 3 times. I has a problem with my Project file and I have to start a new project and add my 2 units into the new Project. 
Tks & advise,
Donald aka 1HuntnMan

I don't know why Windows would ask "make changes to the device"... Did you install any 3rd party add on? The installer does ask that question....

About the dialog "can't open project" => Did you at some time downgrade your Lazarus? Then that can happen. The fileformat changed, and while the new IDE can write compatible project files (lpi), it does (afaik) only if you specifically enable that.

Try the Lazarus 3.0-RC1 (or in a few days the RC2)

Also note, maybe something in your settings got messed up. Re-installing does not delete the settings.
Well, during installation you can set a checkbox to clear old settings.
Settings are in the "primary config path" => see menu: View > Ide Internals > About Lazarus.
(back them up, or just delete them)

   Thanks for the reply! I haven't installed any 3rd party add-ons for anything to do with Lazarus. So, that's not an issue. For your 2nd question about downgrading Lazarus? Like I mentioned I did downgrade from 64-bit to 32-bit but this eventually started having memory leaks or something. So, reading on this forum, someone mentioned installing both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions of Lazarus in different directories, so did that, installed 32-bit in a folder named Lazarus32 and 64-bit in Lazarus64. That seemed to work fine until yesterday afternoon and winders started having problems with this stupid question do you want to make changes to your device. So, I'm going to start all over uninstall both Lazarus versions. Then as you suggested I'm going to clear out all old settings by deleting all the settings in the "primary config path" => see menu: View > Ide Internals > About Lazarus.  As far as reinstalling Lazarus 64 after clearing out both the 32 and 64 bit versions I have both the 64 bit install exe's: lazarus-2.2.6-fpc-3.2.2-win64.exe and lazarus-3.0RC1-fpc-3.2.2-win64.exe. After I get everything cleared out totally so there's nothing of Lazarus on this computer then I'll install the 64bit 3.0-RC1 because that's the latest.  I'm thinking something got messed up when I first started and was in the beginner state. Still a beginner but it's been a week. I also have all my old systems that I wrote way back long time ago in Delphi and have Delphi 7 installed on this computer plus all the code but it's all on the C-Drive and all my Lazarus programming is on E-Drive although Lazarus is installed on Drive C.  Don't think where I installed Lazarus should make a difference but it's on C because I think that's where Lazarus wants to be. The only reason I have Delphi 7 installed is just to refresh my memory once in awhile on how I did certain things while I'm programming with Laz.
Thanks for your suggestions, I hope I can get this cleared up from your suggestions. Have a good week and take care... Donald aka 1HuntnMan

Downgrade isn't between 32 and 64 bit. But Lazarus 3.0 writes projects in a new format, and then 2.2.6 can no longer open them (there is a setting in project options, I would need to look it up though).

Install location should indeed not matter.
But if you have several install make sure to do them as "secondary install" with their own config path.


--- Quote from: Martin_fr on October 10, 2023, 04:45:59 pm ---Downgrade isn't between 32 and 64 bit. But Lazarus 3.0 writes projects in a new format, and then 2.2.6 can no longer open them (there is a setting in project options, I would need to look it up though).

--- End quote ---

Use the Project > Project Options > Miscellaneous settings to enable the "Maximize compatibility of project files" option.


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