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UUID RFC 4122 Version 1



External web service requires message GUIDs to be generated using RFC 4122 Version 1. I tried to use libuuid.pp (this module uses and uuid_generate_time) and macuuid.pp. According to the service, both GUIDs are incompatible with RFC 4122 Version 1.

Do Lazarus, Free Pascal or Linux (.so-library with appropriate procedure) have ways to generate rigorous RFC 4122 Version 1 GUID? Sorry, if I posted in the wrong section.

Thank you in advance for your help.

I have found a shared library inside postgresql-contrib package that could have helped me. ldd shows that all dependencies are resolved. is present. nm -D shows a lot of undefined symbols: uuid_in, uuid_out, ... They are also absent in So, LoadLibrary doesn't work for What particular version of is required for Postgresql shared library to work?

Is uuid.pas in fpcsrc/packages/hash/src not working for you ?

Thank you very much. Seems, it is really RFC 4122 version 1. As soon as I get an access to the web service, I'll check it.

Thanks again. The web service accepted the message. The issue is resolved.


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