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Vincent Snijders:
The Lazarus team is glad to announce the release. This release
has been made from the Lazarus 0.9.26 fixes branch and is based on fpc

This release can be downloaded from the SourceForge download page.

Highlights / Major changes:

* Application icon has been added to the Project Options.
* Environment, Editor and CodeTools options has been merged into one
dialog. A new api is introduced to add custom ide settings into ide
options dialog.
* Application icon, Version information and XP manifest are merged into
one .rc file which has the same name as project main file (.lpi)
* .lrs files can now be saved/auto created in the project output
directory (disable in Project / Project Options / Miscellaneous / save
.lrs file in the output directory). This way you no longer need to store
the .lrs files in the svn/cvs repository, if you build your application
with Lazarus or Lazbuild. They are still required if compile using
Makefile that calls fpc directly.LCL

* TPen has been improved. For more information, see blog post.
* TColorBox, TColorListBox has been rewritten. Now they are more delphi
* TColorDialog.CustomColors has been added.
* Implemented TCalendar on Windows CE.
The list of changes can be found here.

That's great news! Can this release be installed on top of previous one (with added components) or do we have to uninstall that one first? Thanks.

FreePascal2.2.4 is released;

I have lot of problems with both and current 0.9.27 Lazarus. I can't install certain components (rxnew, Zeosdbo etc.) and I can't open projects and packages with "Open Project", only by dragging .lpi and .lpk files to IDE. Therefore, I had to switch to regular 0.9.26. What is going on?

Vincent Snijders:
Without more details (error messages, OS - widget set - installation method) that is hard to tell. Maybe others recognize your problems, but I don't.


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