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Issues with TKolImagelist
« on: March 23, 2009, 01:01:16 pm »
I have a TKolimagelist on my project.

I have tried the sequence below several times)

I add 4 images with black background to the list.
All images appear correct on TKolBitBtns.

I add a 5th image.

Now each time different things happen:

1. All images look added, eg image1 = image0 + image1 copied on it, image2 = image1+image2 copied on it etc. The 5th image has all images in it.


2. The images no longer are transperant, the black surrounding is pained on the buttons


3. Cannot compile because the form cannot be saved to stream
(must restart lazarus to get rid of this)

4.  TKolimagelist complains about wrong imageformat

All images are 16-color bitmaps.

The only way to avoid problems is:
1. Clear the imagelist
2. Add all 5 bmps to the list
3. Press OK
4. Never touch the imagelist again...

Any thoughts?



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