Author Topic: Looking for property (boolean) Chart1.BottomAxis.Intervals.Options.UseNiceSteps  (Read 792 times)

Pastim Codar

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I know from the object inspector that there is a property UseNiceSteps (boolean) which I can switch from true to false.

In my program I have tried to set this boolean variable by using Chart1.BottomAxis.Intervals.Options.UseNiceSteps. But the compiler throws an error: Illegal qualifier.

Something in the path between Chart1. and UseNiceSteps must be wrong, but I can't figure out what it is.

In other words: How do I have to address the property UseNiceSteps in my chart?



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UseNiceSteps exists only in Laz 3.0+. And you must have TACustomSource in the uses clause.


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