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Hi, Running PC-Linux(Trinity), I have Lazarus/FPC installed from the Repo. I have started to create a Library, and it compiles Ok.  so the question is, what directories should I create to keep several libraries          that are known by any app that's being developed,, and each other. ( Lib-3 uses Lib-1 etc ). Also having easy access for further development. ( not having to use root ).  i want to get this set up before going any further. Any suggestions welcome.
Dave P..

Since I do not know what you meant exactly with library I assume you meant unit (and not a dll/so library).

I use a special 3th party units directory for that and which can be 'seen' by FPC through adding the option -Fu"/path/to/my/custom/3th/party/units/$fpctarget/*" to my fpc.cfg file. It is not the cleanest or most correct solution as I also store the source-files there (those should really be located somewhere else but adds the burden of the need to add yet another option to locate the sources).

I use that strictly for non visual units, thus similar to rtl and other units as distributed by FPC.

For Lazarus different rules (configuration options/handling) apply, especially when using custom written components. For me right now, that is a bit too much to explain without knowing if you really seek the answer for that (also the wiki pages do a much better job).

Use lazarus packages. Check the wiki.

I'm on PCLinuxOS too, I can show you how I've got mine setup:
--- Code: ---/// my username is bc ///
             |- bin/"finished binaries in use on the system" incl. in "path"
/home/bc/src/+- lib64/"finished libraries *.so in use on the system" dynload
             |- bc_rtl/"common unit-files used in all projects *.pas/pp/inc"
             |- sandbox/"main development area, project = sub-directory"
                        |- bc_flacconv/"flac2wav converter"
                        |- bc_etcedit/"config editor"

--- End code ---
oh... and I do use soft-links in the test and development stages
This setup works just fine, I test my apps by every day use if posssible  8)
Regards Benny

Thanks for the replies, I was/am confused by Library and Unit, i assumed that any file with procedures that could be used by any other such file or the app was a library, seems it needs to be a unit.
I don't think I need a library, just a directory for units, and another for the app development.
Sorry for the delay, very busy holiday plans etc. and clarifying units.
Dave P..


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