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GTK 3 Widget Set Status?


Would someone be so kind to tell me if the GTK 3 widget set is working yet? Does the IDE work when built using GTK 3 and can I write most normal desktop applications using GTK 3 right now when using the a most recent trunk revision? What's not working in a general sense?

I thought I'd ask you guys rather than clone Lazarus from git, build it, and hunt for problems.

It's uncomplete, mostly missing winapi implementations eg caret so synedit is unuseable but text is rendered ok, setCursor is missing, file dialogs ... in one word gtk3 IDE is unuseable yet.

I managed to get the IDE to open when built using GTK 3, but most stuff beyond that was broken.

In short, it's in a pre-alpha state and doesn't work.

There is another thread about GTK3 :,64493

AFAIK abou.almontacir promised to maintain LCL-GTK3 at some point. I don't know what the status is there.


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