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What is a .DB file (SOLVED)

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Hi all!
Hoping someone may have an answer to this. I was a programmer back in the 1980's & early 1990's developing database software for the personnel placement industry. I wrote software first in Clipper then migrated to Delphi 5 and the Delphi 7.
I'm old so can't remember well but converting a system I wrote in Delphi 7 to a Photo Mgt. Tracking System. My issue is that I would like to convert some of the data files from back then to TDBF or SQL-Lite.  The database files have extensions of .DB, .PX, .XG0, .XG1, .YG0, YG1 and .MB.  Would anyone know how to access these types of files? I assume the .DB files is the database file and the others (.XG0, YG1, etc.) are index definitions.
I'm only interested in the data structures not the data...
Tks anyone!

I'd first try to open those files with a DBF-FileViewer-Tool (whichever one). -->
Just to make sure, that it is a valid DBF

Paradox DB?

Another way would be to just try and import it to Excel


--- Quote from: alpine on September 25, 2023, 03:43:03 pm ---Paradox DB?

--- End quote ---

I also think it is Paradox.
Delphi included Database Desktop application for managing tables and data. There was also BDE Admin tool.

OP is correct about extensions: In .db files was data, .px was primary index, and if I recall correctly in .mb files was BLOB's and large texts.


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