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Lazarus IDE macros


In Lazarus click the menu Tools/Configure External Tools ... Click the "Add" button in the newly appeared "External Tools" window.
An additional "Edit Tool" window appears, which has a set of macros.
1/3 The first thing that I've noticed is that the "$(Home)" macro is the only macro in the list that doesn't end with "()". I don't know the reason for that, but compared with other macros it looks out of ordinary.
2/3 The second thing that I've noticed was that there is no macro for temporary directory, you know like GetTempDir function, something like a "$TempDir()" macro. Should developers use the "$TestDir()" macro instead?
3/3 It's not mandatory to distribute source files in order to install Lazarus binaries. Probably the Windows installer of Lazarus has an option to do it. This means that the "$LazarusDir()" macro might point only to the binaries directory, not also to the Lazarus source files. In order to access the equivalent of "$FPCSrcDir()" but for Lazarus sources, should the "$LazarusDir()" macro be used, or should be better a new macro to be implemented, something like a "$LazarusSrcDir()" macro?


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