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For the last year, I worked very pleasantly with Lazarus on my laptop with Windows 11. However, in the system, terms of Dutch and English are mixed up in a, for me, unsystematic way. For example, the main menu in the system should start, from left to right, with 'Files', 'Edit', 'Search', and 'View'. In my installation, these terms are replaced by their Dutch translations. Remarkedly, the menu then turns to English, i.e. after 'View', the menu correctly continues with 'Source', 'Project', and 'Run'. Then it switches to Dutch again. In other menus of the system both languages are even more mixed up.
In my Linux version of Lazarus, I do not have this problem. All is in English.

On Windows 11, I do have English as my system language.

A reinstall of Lazarus (from did not make a difference.

I would welcome a solution that puts every thing in English.

Tools > Options:
Environment > General:

At the top is a "Language" dropdown. Set it explicitly to English (rather than "Automatic" or maybe "Dutch")

If it is "Automatic", then the question remains, why it thinks your OS is Dutch.
As for the "half/half", I haven't checked, but it could be that the Dutch translation is missing some terms.

Thank you, Martin. That was the solution. I did overlook it. In a mixture of terms of two languages, it was not easy to find

The Dutch translation is hardly (if at all) maintained.
I asked on the NL Delphi forum (it has a Lazarus section) wetger or not users wanted to use the IDE in Dutch translation: none desired to do so.

Unfortunately the language of the IDE is set up at install, without asking the user.



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