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install on 13.5 problems with debugging on show modal

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I'm away over the weekend, and most of next week. So not sure when I can take a closer look.

The first trace:
It seems the app raised an exception. Only that should be reported as such by the debugger, and you should be able to ignore or continue.

The 2nd trace:
This is likely the "debugger error" issue

The "unhandled type tag"....
Basically the debug info. lldb only knows some parts of DWARF.
And also potentially, fpc may have written buggy dwarf (mostly fixed in fpc 3.3.1 trunk)

But that should not normally be an issue.

A few things to check

In preferences ("Tools > options " no win/linux) theer is a "debugger backend" page.
On top of this page it should say  something about "lldb"
- LLDB Debugger (Alpha)
- LLDB Debugger with FpDebug (Beta)

I suspect you may have the former setup?
then yes, it matters that lldb can't read the info...

If you can, switch to the "with FpDebug".

If that does not help, or if you keep the "alpha" for some reason

In project setting go to the "debugging" page, and set the "debug info" to
  "Dwarf2 (-gw)"

That is NOT the "with sets". It is the "sets" that lldb complains about (though it will complain about more than that).
Mind "dwarf 3" always includes the sets, so not an option either.

Further you can add (in "custom options"): -godwarfcpp
to make it more lldb friendly (actually, that may be fpc 3.3.1 only / not sure)

If you use the fpdebug version, then the sets are likely ok.


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