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Has anyone installed Lazarus + qt5 environment on Windows?

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I would like to develop and test the environment qt5 widget environment on Windows. I have downloaded qt5 and re-compiled Lazarus for qt5, but when I start it I get errors.

I think it would be possible....but I can't find anything!

Maybe a combination of a particular version of qt5 plus some help like an external dll.

On Linux I haven't had any problems under Kubuntu (KDE), I have even gives me the impression that it is a nicer environment than the default version distributed on linux in GTK.

What errors ? 32 or 64 bit ?


Win64, with Qt5Pas1.dll in the same directory.

Compile options -> IDE Normal

Latest stable version of Lazarus

Windows Error

You have 32bit Qt5Pas1.dll in lazarus binaries, but I don't have ability or time to build 64bit one.
Search in forum for 64bit Qt5Pas1.dll since there should be someone's build afair, but cannot remember exactly who and where.
Or install Qt 5.15 with qt installer, and build your own Qt5Pas1.dll.

Thank you! I finally created mine based (qt5.12.12) on the instructions of a GitHub repository.

Here it is.

On the other hand, I do not understand how in RC1, qt6 is offered, when not even offered more or less "official" (wiki), a solution for qt5 on x64.

I do not understand anything! I think that the effort to advance in Lazarus, is quite lame in many aspects.

Add also, that those who intend to develop in qt5, will need to download the "runtime" of qt5.

I will try with qt6, to see what point of integration offers the RC1 to "dare" to include qt6 in the future version of Lazarus 3.0.

I will give news.
Stay tuned....


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