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Saving a Form state (related to separating ui from logic)

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Curt Carpenter:
I have a form representing an instrument control panel.  The virtual panel contains a significant number of different lazarus visual controls (sliders, switches, edit boxes, combo boxes etc.).  Is there a good way to take a "snapshot" of the state of all of those visual controls and store them to disk so that they can be read back from disk at a later time and restored to the form?  This is a routine operation not difficult to build into a procedure,  but writing the procedure is routine and tedious. Is there something like a "TSaveDialog" that saves the state of the controls on a form ("TSaveFormState" perhaps) rather than a file?

Look at the "SessionsProperty" in the form.

Curt Carpenter:
A starting point.   Thank you.

Maybe use RTTI to save all the published properties, of all the controls on the form to an ...xml-file?!? Lends itself, on the account of structuring, layout etc...
Just an idea  8-)
Regards Benny

Curt Carpenter:
Amazing -- and works like a charm.  Decided to use the JSONProperties storage rather than XML.   Many thanks!


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