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Why SQLquery make some changes and don't run as is typing

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Look i have a sql witch is i wanna to run mysql, the question is my instruction going in one direcction and when I show the sql command to run show me different for example

    FROM departament As A
where A.HEAD_DEPT is null AND
     A.DEPT_NO is not null
    ORDER BY A.Department     

and send me error when i showmessage() show me this

    FROM departament As A
where A."HEAD_DEPT" is null AND
     A.DEPT_NO is not null
    ORDER BY A.Department

why change A."HEAD_DEPT"

that create a error message to run query
idea why going like that.....


And what is the error ?


--- Quote from: eldonfsr on September 14, 2023, 08:16:12 pm ---why change A."HEAD_DEPT"

--- End quote ---
Understandable that that throws an error. The quotes shouldn't be there.

But I can't understand anything of the rest of your post/text. What is changing this SQL?
You don't mention what you do exactly, what components, where you enter the SQL.
So we don't know what changes that SQL until you explain exactly what you do.

Maybe use your own language and put the Google Translator text below that.

The error show up...
Syntax error near to  A."HEAD_DEPT" is null AND

Ok  understand  also i don't know where was error as i going more deep checking what is the problem is when i can find more clear why that error.... thanks for your help and time...

i know when use sql with parameters change the sql for value get from parameters but on this particular not use any parameter... is directly.



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