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Hello ;D
I develop many applications for "automating draft with a lisp",   surveyours/cadastral/architectural plans.
I am very interested in your job, because  I work a very long time, as Surveyor, cadastral map,  I draw many cadastral- maps. I can develop your-program.lsp and I can work the cadastral-tasks.
Please you hire, also I can work surveyour/s-job++programmerLisp..
We develop this Delphi3compilator, BDS5, Delphi7 with source sourcePascal, Lazarus, VirtualPascal>
click here Peter Deunov - Musique - Svetal Den - (Jour Lumineux)

--- Code: ---I am intersested work=AutoCad Drafter+PascalDeveloper+LazarusDeveloper, AutoLisp Developer+C#
--- End code ---

I develop several open source projects in lazarus. Because I can publish them on Windows Linux and Arm Linux easily.


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