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possible improvement of i18n exclusions


Hi all, I'm opening this topic in response to a question from JuhaManninen about i18n exclusions.
The question is here.
In a nutshell for those who are not used to it, i18n exclusion feature avoids repetition of words often used in an application such as OK, Cancel, Preview, etc... these repetitions accur in the generated pot/po files (the application translation files to other languages).

In the form designer, a possible improvement would be to have a tool to add a control to the Identificators or Originals list:
something like a menu entry (when right click on a control)

* >i18n exclusion>Exclude this control  -> add for example Form1.Label1.Caption to the Identificator list
* >i18n exclusion>Exclude this caption  -> add the control caption the to Originals listThis would avoid typing errors, for now Lazarus does not generate a message when an entry in the Identificators list is not valid. Maybe it's not that important.

in any case, thanks for this feature!

Attached a project that use i18n exclusion feature.


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