Author Topic: Radar charts. Is it posible?  (Read 830 times)

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Re: Radar charts. Is it posible?
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Search "radar chart code"


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Re: Radar charts. Is it posible?
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Is it posible to maje radar charts?
Not directly, you must do some steps by youself:

I'd hide the axes and the frame so that the chart basically is a blank sheet. Still the axes are operating in the background so that you still can use the machinery of the series. However, you must draw the new rotated axes by your self. Do this in the OnAfterDraw event of the chart so that they are not covered by the series. The series itself should be a TRadialseries which takes the x value as the polar angle and the y value as the distance from the origin, exactly what is needed here. If you want to overlay several series in the same chart be aware that transparency support of the standard canvas drawer is limited and does not work between series (not sure if this had worked before and is a regression...). You could add the AggPasGuiConnector or the BGRAGuiConnector as a drawing front end and assign it to the GUIConnector property of the chart. Or you could simple use a hatched brush style for the upper series.

Just study the attached project.


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