Author Topic: Two issues with AnchorDockingDsgn package in Lazarus 3.0RC1 Win32 IDE  (Read 575 times)


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Hello, I have two issues with the Lazarus 3.0RC1 Win32 IDE on Windows 7 64bit after installing the AnchorDockingDsgn package.

1. The "Toggle Form/Unit View" button needs to be clicked twice to show the form in the following situation:

a. If the form is not showing, click the "Toggle Form/Unit View" button, the form shows.
b. While the form is showing and focused, click anywhere in the editor, the form will go behind the IDE like it should.
c. Click the "Toggle Form/Unit View" button, the form does NOT show but if you click the button again the form will show.

2. I like to dock the IDE toolbar with the editor but leave all the other windows (object inspector, components, messages) undocked. I setup all the windows how I want and created a new "desktop".

However, I notice that every time I restart the IDE, the "Auto save active desktop" option in the "Manage Desktops" window is checked again even though I uncheck it. The "Auto save active desktop" option keeps the previous setting in Lazarus 2.2.4 Win32 without AnchorDockingDsgn installed.

Also, it seems when AnchorDockingDsgn is installed, the IDE doesn't save any of the floating windows last position.

For example, I have the object inspector visible and floating in a spot to the right of the IDE but then I close it and then close the IDE with "Auto save active desktop" checked. Then I start Lazarus again and the object inspector is not visible which is correct because the active desktop was saved when it wasn't visible. However, when I click "View -> Object Inspector" the window appears but off to the left like in a default position and size.

I think the AnchorDockingDsgn package isn't saving last positions and sizes when the window is closed like it does without AnchorDockingDsgn installed regardless of the "Auto save active desktop" option.

If you need more info or pictures please let me know..I can beta test fixes too if you want.

Thanks for your help on this!


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