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[SOLVED] Single instance of SHGFI_* constants

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I've noticed the forum entry at Programming » Operating Systems » Windows » How to use shellapi unit?,64565.0.html
It reminded me of the following situation.

SHGFI_* constants like SHGFI_SMALLICON, SHGFI_LARGEICON and SHGFI_ICON are declared in both Lazarus and Free Pascal. In Free Pascal, the constants are declared in both rtl/wince/wininc/ and packages/winunits-base/src/shellapi.pp. Lazarus declares them in lcl/interfaces/customdrawn/customdrawn_winextra.pas and lcl/interfaces/win32/win32extra.pas.
This multiple declaration is not good at all. It would be better if Lazarus and Free Pascal developers would decide a single instance declaration in Free Pascal, declaration that would be used by LCL and third party Lazarus apps.

So in FPC names are declared in
a. WinCE unit
b. Win32 unit
It is ok for me, WinCE and WIn32 maybe don't have lot of common units.

win32extra is an unit with defines that should move to FPC over time, but it is only weeded occasionally (last time by Paul in 2015 after 3.0.0 or so), so there is quite a buildup of old stuff.

We've weeded out some more stuff that is now in fpc recently...


Yes, cleaned up a lot, but SHGFI_* is still there, and in shellapi since 2008


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