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Porting 3D Fractal Tree in openGL from Delphi to Lazarus

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OK I replaced that.

Sorry I misread your reply. I removed the dot and now it works. It looks a bit darker than the Delphi version.


--- Quote from: Boleeman on September 10, 2023, 01:36:33 am ---I get a bit of a yellow branch?

--- End quote ---
Please read my previous post again - I had edited it in the meantime to explain how to activate the TEXTURES define.

Yes now it works. Hooray.

So Happy. I will look over how you have done the code. I very much appreciate your effort.
Here in Melbourne Australia the weather has gotten COLD. We had lots of wind a couple of days ago.
Typical football weather.

Don't know much about OpenGL so this is a good example to learn from as I am really into fractals and graphics.

It is a bit darker than the Delphi version (Maybe got to do with the delphi version going into a different resolution mode) or it could be just because the size is smaller?

I resized the form and it looks similar now. There are some dark patches in the leaves that sort of look too dark.

Was playing around with the left and right arrow keys. These I think alter the camera view.

A BIG Thank You WP.

Not sure why, but sometimes my Spacebar press does not always create a New Tree
Seems to be intermittent
after I press the left/right arrow keys first then pressing Spacebar does not work on some occasions

Played around with some leaf texture files.
Attached are some to try out (by placing stem.bmp and leaf.bmp in the tex folder).
I settled for stem.bmp and leaf.bmp in the root of the attached zip file.


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