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[Solved] Request for IDE multi-carets


With this situation (picture), I would like to have 2 features for multi-carets:

1 - Ctrl+right - move caret one word right, for all carets
2 - Shift+end - make multi-selections to the end of lines

The first exists. "Cursor keys move all carets". Which can be toggled.

Under Tools > Options

1) Editor > General

There are 2 checkboxes:
"Cursor keys move all carets" => which applies as default if carets have been set with mouse clicks (and modifier keys)
"Cursor keys move all carets (column select)" => which applies as default if carets have been set alt-shift-cursor keys.

2) KeyMap
There is a command in the Multicaret section to toggle this for the current multi-carets.
So if you selected, without setting that option, then you can apply it via a keystroke.

The 2nd requires multi-selection => which aren't implemented (yet).

Thanks for support.


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