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SQLDB and Firebird4, error when executing

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I have the following situation, I have a firebird server on windows, a client machine using linux, I use sqldb, and I am having problems when trying to perform simple tasks such as select, the error is very generic.

Server win10 64b, firebird4
Cliente Linux mint 21

If SQL query returns a set of records (e.g. select statemet) then you must use "Open" method instead of "ExecSQL".

Ah. I just noticed "Access violation" in the message. That could be a different problem.

I have the same code (exe) that for windows x windows works perfectly, only for linux (client) x windows (server) that is not working, which leads me to believe it is something with sqldb

I searched the whole source for that error message but it doesn't seem to be a message from Lazarus or FPC itself.

Are you generating that message (including that title of the dialog)?
You have a access violation exception. That's usually something in your own code.

That it works on Windows doesn't guarantee it works on other platforms.
Show us the relevant code (otherwise we can't really help you).
(especially the code around that exception)

the environment is as follows, server running windows 10 and firebird4, the example app is a tsqlconector, tsqltransaction and a tsqlquery, in tsqlquery there is only a select * from table; nothing more than that, when trying to open it, even at design time the query already has the error, as long as the server is windows and the client is linux, but I can make a video, and I can also provide access to the environment for testing, as I can also provide the code example, I just didn't find it relevant because it's a test both when simple.


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