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Editor wrap lines?

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Is it possible to turn on automatic word wrapping?

Like Alt+Z in VSCode, or automatic wrapping in IntelliJ.

I'm not looking at actual line breaking based on fixed line length, just wrapping to fit the editor window width.

I dont think so, if such an option existed, I would use it.

Unfortunately, the Lazarus editor lacks many options. There is a nice text editor CudaText written in FPC by @AlexTP. Imagine Lazarus could look like this and have it's functionality

Personally, I believe that line wrapping is senseless when coding.

Should Lazarus add such an option, I'd download source code, modify it to set it default disabled, and hide the code to allow it enabled for my usage.

There is actually a experimental plugin. Have not used it personally myself though, it's quite a tedious task though.

What about this issue that is seven years old already?


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