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Border around a tpanel appearing out of the blue

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I have a video player controls(let's call it playerCtrls) which is just a TPanel with a seek bar on it(another TPanel) and a bunch of buttons. When i go full screen i just change the parent of playerCtrls to the new form and all works well. The problem arises when i switch back to the inline player and i change back the parent of playerCtrls to its original parent. White borders appear around the panel(see the image). I tried this code

--- Code: Pascal  [+][-]window.onload = function(){var x1 = document.getElementById("main_content_section"); if (x1) { var x = document.getElementsByClassName("geshi");for (var i = 0; i < x.length; i++) { x[i].style.maxHeight='none'; x[i].style.height = Math.min(x[i].clientHeight+15,306)+'px'; x[i].style.resize = "vertical";}};} ---  playerCtrls.BorderStyle:=bsNone;  playerCtrls.BorderWidth:=0;  playerCtrls.BevelOuter := bvNone;  playerCtrls.BevelInner := bvNone; 
but it doesn't work at all. It's really frustrating. What could be the problem?

Can you attach a minimalistic demo that show this behaviour?


Do you use anchors on the tpanel?


Dzandaa I create the TPanel at runtime. I tried to set the anchors to an empty set but the problem is still there.
KodeZwerg  i was trying to do just that, I created a little project(attached), not exactly the same but similar and the problem is not there. It only happens in my app.

In order to understand what's going on i did this, when switching back from fullscreen i hided the playerCtrls and see the image!!! Only the borders appear!! At this point i do not know if it's the borders of the controls or some other control's borders. If it was the player controls borders it would disappear, right? Instead it doesn't! The other 2 panels are the video display, where i attach the vlc player and the outer panel that contains both the display and the player controls. Mahh. You know, i have this problem since months ago and i ignored for a while but i cannot stand to see those lines!


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