Author Topic: Is there any interest in creating PUBLICLY OWNED language FIREBIRD database/s ?  (Read 505 times)


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Is there any interest in creating a PUBLICLY OWNED language database for the DATA ? (maybe stored on Firebird database)  maybe 500 000 entries,
can Firebird handle that ?
I have 82 000 entries at the moment.
for FRENCH - ENGLISH pairs
like a thesaurus. It could have obscure languages as well, which is my interest,
in the future it may have AI algorithms assigned for different historical periods.
AI could also help for certain phrases, types  of language eg, Formal, colloquial, slang, sacerdotal etc
Maybe it could be linked to the sciences and mathematics, pattern recognition, problem solving
Just spitballing some ideas to see if a snow-flake can become a snow-boulder.

eg Ancient Demotic ( common/ vulgar in old english parlance) , Ancient Egyptian Hieratic, Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic [ Sacerdotal ], Ancient Greek. etc
This could lead to a new Universal Language based on Greek.
Initially it could be delivered as a 32-bit and/or 64-bit VCL project.
Some of the hurdles.
1) Could it be made to interface with text editors/ word processors ?
2) Delivery as a HOLISTIC desktop package initially.
3) For those that are keen to use it maybe it could be given to schools, educational facilities for education in a Network/Server/Cloud configuartion.
4) made eventually to work with text-2-speech.
5) See who wants to get on board.
6) Should only be used for PEACEFUL PURPOSES.
7) Databases are updated and Backed up on several ( at least three ) separate server locales. Backups should be allowable by anyone but with certain safeguards to prevent, malware attacks.
So, that would involve protection by carefully chosen anti-malware providers
preferably for FREE or minimal cost.
8) The Text-editor Database would need an indexing engine to speed up searching.
The DUAL-TEXT editor with selected/highlighted word-triggered lookup of language pairs in the database would facilitate learning language and recording text translations.
9) Users could add words to their version of the database and if they were so inclined they could contribute their additions for moderation and possible/inclusion in the "MASTER" database. A database manager would be included in the package.
10) Fonts and Platform system varieties would eventually, I think, need to be standardised. This is to make the system more widely used.

As Above, So Below:- an axiom that seems to be contained in the Lord's Prayer.
Have a nice day everyone.

To get the ball rolling maybe some of us could make a Lazarus Database for starters :- for error codes and system phrases with  work arounds, bottle-neck buoy-markers / warnings etc.
If its a good IDEA with some sound methodology it could be an add-on to the LAZARUS-GUI-IDE... how do you like them apples ?
The more the merrier.
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  • My goal: build my own game engine using Lazarus

... maybe 500 000 entries,
can Firebird handle that ?

Technically, Firebird 4 can handle up to
- 240 records per table
- 32768 tables per database
- 18 TB per table

And in theory, these are the limitations of dbase (TDBF):
- 1 billion records per table
- 2 billions file size per dbf

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It looks like somebody has already thought about the GUI_IDE assistant for Lazarus

see this post,14787.msg78574.html#msg78574


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