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Heaptrc and 'Win32 gui application'

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Lazarus 2.2.6, Windows 11.

If I uncheck 'Win32 gui application (-WG)' option and check 'Use Heaptrc unit (check for mem-leaks) (-gh)' option, then, after application ends, result of heaptrc is not shown in window, but is printed in console window.
Problem is that this console window closes immediately after application ends and I don't have time to inspect heaptrc results.

Is there an option to keep console window open after application ends?

The use case as described is imho counterproductive (not starting from a console but do write to it) . If you need the output for (future) reference then you can use one of the environment options or use SetHeapTraceOutput.

Is there an option to force result of heaptrc to show in window then?

Lazarus, menu/view/leaks and traces was meant for that purpose but, I have a hunch that is not what you meant when you asked that question ?

Reading documentation seems to be an art... This is an annoying question to me...
You've got everything on a plate and still open a new topic?


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