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PopupMenu disappears when is interrupted



I have a long data error (or bug?), I have PopupMenu in any control and work fine, but if the popup is interrupted in OnPopup event this and all popupmenus they don't work again. For example, I interrupt popupmenu with simple "Showmessage" dialog in OnPopup event. Attach project example. Note: the problem is that interrupt can do in other circunstances, for example in one error in popupmenu add items.

Checked in Linux Mint 19.3 64 bits with GTK2 widgetset. Lazarus 2.2.2 (also in older versions) and 3.0RC1 with FPC 3.2.2.


Windows 11, Lazarus 2.2.6: pop-up menu shows after ShowMessage.

Under Debian, GTK2, Lazarus 2.2.2 it doesn't work.

I created issue:

In Lazarus 2.2.2 FPC 3.2.2 64 bits with GTK 3 this bug don't exists, PopupMenu work fine.


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