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Synchronizing between TThreads

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Hi folks,

I have been using Synchronize to sync TThread instances with the program main thread a while. Is there a similar mechanism to synchronize two arbitrary threads?

Thnx, Armin.

Remy Lebeau:
Simply use a suitable synchronization object, such as TCriticalSection, TMutex, TMultiReadExclusiveWriteSynchronizer, etc (depending on your needs) to protect the code/resources you want to synchronize access to.

Hi, there is also RTLEvent. See in the folder where is installed Lazarus, subfolder examples/multithreading there is a demo waitforexample1.lpi

I put message objects in a thread safe queue (tthreadlist or tlist protected by criticalsection), and let the thread block on an TEvent.

If I put objects in the queue, I .Setevent the Tevent, and the thread drains the queue. If it is empty, it resets the tevent and blocks on it again.

This is fine for not too finegrained threading. 

I did neanwhile also note, that there is a TThread.Synchronize(AThread: TThread; AMethod: TThreadMethod) in (line: 1800). Seems that TThread.Synchronize calls it, passing "self" to AThread.

Would that thing help me out?



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