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[SOLVED] Resize projectwizard dialog

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In an attempt to resize the wizard dialog at IDE startup i modified projectwizarddlg.lfm and increased the various widths (I'd like to have this form a little bit larger) then I did a cleanup of common files and rebuilt the IDE, but it doesn't work.
Is there a way to increment the width of the wizard? In preferences there is no option for it, thank you


Did I post a question that does not deserve any answer?
I'd really like to extend the width of that form.. thanks  :(


--- Quote from: cris75 on September 22, 2023, 10:22:35 pm ---Did I post a question that does not deserve any answer?

--- End quote ---
Maybe nobody missed this feature? I for myself have never seen this dialog before you mentioned it, and had to investigate how to open it.

But anyway: I opened the projectwizard unit from the ide folder in the Lazarus installation, changed the width of the form and recompiled the IDE ("Tools" > "Build Lazarus with profile ..."). And in the newly created Lazarus the project wizard has the new width. So, what is the problem? "It doesn't work" is alway a useless description of an issue...

cris75:'re perfectly right to point out me this post has not much sense.. this is in my opinion a classic situation in which happens to quickly write a post for a "secondary" and not at all important thing - that still can be easily solved..
It happened me to give a quick look at the unit in question in two different occasions in the span of two years and in the specific moment that I felt a little bothered 'couse I couldn't see the full path of the recent projects.
I realize only now I almost certainly didn't adjusted and saved the relative .lfm file (on both times!!) before lauching the ide reconstruction.. me dumb..
I'll try to avoid to do silly requests in the future, thank you   :(


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