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Active file tab color and underline


Is there any option to configure the color of the active file(unit) tab.
It is very difficult to identify which tab is currently active.

In some IDEs I see a different color line at the bottom of the active tab in addition to the different color
(which for me is the best)


I'm using Lazarus 3.0 RC1 with FPC 3.2.2, Windows 64 bit on Windows 11

PCLinuxOS 2023 kde:
I'm running FPC 3.2.2 and Lazarus 2.2.6 and QT5 ...and the tabs are highlighted just as in your picture, with a bright blue line in the dark theme.
Mind you, I've built my own, so YMMV.
Regards Benny

Hi cdbc
The IDE looks very good on you screenshot.
If I can configure it to look like this on Windows 11 will be great.

Not sure how to change Lazarus to use Qt controls, will check it.


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