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  Я понимаю, что иногда не очень хорошо если человек будет постоянно редактировать свои посты, но было бы очень неплохо иметь возможность редактировать именно первый пост темы. Но в связи с тем, что изменить первый пост нельзя, то в теме многое может потеряться. А если тема большая, то сложно найти нужную информацию именно в данной теме.

  Создавать каждый раз новую тему? Тоже не очень хорошо выглядит, это замусоривает форум и так же может потеряться определённая информация и её надо будет искать дольше.

  Успехов всем!

Google translate:
  I understand that sometimes it's not very good for a person to constantly edit their posts, but it would be very nice to be able to edit the first post of the topic. But due to the fact that it is impossible to change the first post, a lot can be lost in the topic. And if the topic is large, then it is difficult to find the necessary information in this particular topic.

   Create a new topic each time? It also doesn’t look very good, it litters the forum and certain information may also be lost and it will take longer to search for it.

   Good luck to everyone! :)

You mean that you have to wait for someone to reply in order for you to be able to edit your first post (for example to change the topic to solved) ?

- It should be possible to edit the first post.
- It is not possible to delete the first post.

Also editing the first post is meant for correcting mistakes or making clarifications.

The first post should not be changed to a new topic, or emptied. If people replied to a question it is a matter of respect to keep the question available.
People who remove their questions, leaving the replies dangling without context may have their right to edit taken away.

If a thread was posted by mistake, and does not have replies yet: Lock the thread (so it wont get any answers), then report it (report your own msg) to moderators, asking for it to be removed.

I just tested (with a regular account) => first post in topic can be edited.

If there is trouble with that, then maybe it is something on a specific board.

Надеюсь так будет понятнее.

Google translate:
I hope this will be clearer.


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