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Define not found. Android - ARMv7.

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--- Quote from: Seenkao on June 21, 2023, 08:42:51 pm ---Laksen, you do not want to understand that this definition does not exist for Android.

--- End quote ---

Please enlighten me why that should not be the case for the android target, compared to all the other targets?
This code has been the same for essentially 13 years

Which compiler version are you using?

Laksen, вы пробовали проверить код, в первоначальном посте для архитектуры Android-ARMv7a?

Как я могу вам ответить на ваш вопрос, если вы не хотите проверять код который я скинул, с той архитектурой и операционной системой, что я указал?
В файле fpcdefines.xml нет указаний DEFINE для OS-Android + CPU-ARMv7a.

Google translate:
Laksen, have you tried to check the code in the original post for architecture Android-ARMv7a?

How can I answer your question if you do not want to check the code that I threw off with the architecture and operating system that I indicated?
The file fpcdefines.xml does not contain DEFINE for OS-Android + CPU-ARMv7a.

I use Linux-Debian
Free Pascal Compiler version 3.2.2-rrelease_3_2_2-0-g0d122c4953 [2023/02/03] for x86_64


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