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program locks up using setlength(array,n) on Packed Array of byte

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I have a program that's locking up (this bit of code is buried deep in a thread so I don't exactly know how) when I invoke setlength on a variable length array.
The definition is:-
ABlock: Packet Array of byte;
Previously in the code the length is set to zero.
When I do setlength(ABlock,n) it locks up, and if I remove that one line, it doesn't.
It seems to be specific to fpc 3.0.4 an MacOS
Anyone got any ideas why?

Without more code it's hard to tell. Can the variable be accessed from different threads at the same time?

The array is only touched in the one thread.

Is ABlock in a "var" section or in a "const" section ?

if it happens to be in a "const" section that might be the cause.

it's in a var section immediately after "implementation"


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