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Thinking to retire my Acer Aspire One. This was my primary tool until now. It is old, but I cannot find laptop with similar form factor.

I am looking for something as small, 10” display, hard and stiff outer shell, shaped so it easily slides in and out of backpack. Like Acer.

With my line of work I travel from one vessel to another, spending hours on board of passenger ferry. This is my quiet time where I have done a lot of productive time outside work.

GPD Pocket 2 is too small, I have one.

ASUS E210 11.6 Inch

HP Stream Laptop 11-ak0029na 11.6 Inch

HP Chromebook 11a-na0000na 11.6 Inch

HP Stream Laptop 11-ak0030na 11.6 Inch

HP Stream Laptop 11-ak0028na 11.6 Inch

Chromebook Duet 3 11 Inch,-qlc)/82t6001hus

300e Chromebook Gen 3 AMD 11 Inch

ThinkPad Yoga 11e Gen 5 11 Inch

The smallest laptops I can find were 11 inches.

Have a look at
"The 8 best mini laptops to get work done anytime, anywhere"

Though (as always) beware that the site is probably "sponsored".

The page recommends "Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2"
(I hope ms has improved the external connectors - they used to be a real problem with Surface laptops).


Weiss, I guess (given you are posting here) that you use this machine for FPC/Lazarus development ?
If thats the case, I'd suggest a chromebook may not be suitable.

I used to have a neat little Atom powered 10" 'netbook' (with extra memory and a SSD added) and it ran Lazarus beautifully under Linux, almost useless running Windows however. Sadly, I stuck my foot on it ...

Seems these little, cheap, atom units are no longer available, very sad. The Chromebooks are not a replacement, small and slow "harddisk", little more than an SD card really and are focused on running Web apps. I believe its possible to install Linux on some of them but no idea how practical that is.


thanks everyone. Dbannon, yes, I will be using Lazarus, and probably Delphi, and I was not looking for chromebook. It is pain indeed that netbooks fell out of favour. 


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