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How to connect from Internet to local Mashine behind a router?

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I'm new at networking :)

I can start a synapse server.
When I listen local with my IP Server address, i can connect.
When I listen from my root-server(outside), which has an static IP address connected direct to the network card (same address from outside and which shown in ifconfig), i can connect.

Now I have following situation:
I wanna listen at home, I'm behind a router, so I have a different address of my router(internet, detected with and my machine(address detected with ifconfig).

who to listen in this scenario from home to get a connection from outside?

A good idea is, to learn something about Security in Networking :-)

Open the port in your router and told NAT to forward the port can open a major security risk. Normal such things are handled best with "road warrior" configuration aka VPN connections.

What you describe is a classic situation.

You have to inform your router that communications for the port used by your server must be routed to the IP address of this server on your local network.

Look for the NAT mechanism (Network Adress Translation).

For example:
If the public address of your router is, that the local address of your server is and the port used by your server software is 6950, you can create a NAT rule on your router to route communications arriving at and port 6950 to local address (and port 6950 too).

Is it possible to configure this with my pascal program?


--- Quote from: Key-Real on May 25, 2023, 11:51:14 am ---Is it possible to configure this with my pascal program?

--- End quote ---
This is configuration of your internet hardware (router), nothing to do with pascal.


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