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Magic, non referenced variable changes it's value

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IIRC then this has already been reported.


I created a new issue on GitLab with some more info, disassemly and asmlists

As I thought: it was already reported:



--- Quote from: Bart on May 26, 2023, 10:53:59 am ---As I thought: it was already reported:


--- End quote ---

In 8 months it hasn't been fixed, kinda long. In the issue I created 4 days ago on GitLab someone already posted a patch and I checked it, it indeed fixes the issue. However it may create another issues, so someone with larger knowledge of the pascal language should review it. In the meantine I will use this patch already :)

I had to deal with an inline bug this month, too. It took me four hours to find where it was crashing (I could not use a debugger because it was crashing on arm)

And  this has been  happening for years with inline. Perhaps it is best to never use inline


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