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Speed of Quantum Entanglement

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Fred vS:
The physicists of university of Mr Wirth (ETH Zurich) have proven that Quantum Entanglement travels faster than light.
They therefore refute an axiom of Einstein: "Nothing goes faster than light".

This is a big revolution and opens a incredible new world for Quantum computing.

Roughly translated: quantum entanglement conveys no information, therefore is not limited by c.


There are many things faster than light, if we live long enough, one day they will be scientifically proven.

The universe itself (the fabric of space) can expand faster than light.


Some things don't add up between classical mechanics and quantum mechanics.  The relationship between time and the speed of light being one of them.

--- Quote from: Bart on May 16, 2023, 10:11:32 pm ---The universe itself (the fabric of space) can expand faster than light.

--- End quote ---
If we posit that the universe is infinite, how does an infinity expand ???

And that's a "minor" problem. 

Modern physics pulled "dark matter" out of some (probably) dark place to explain why galaxies  hold themselves together but, even that doesn't work if space is expanding (unless someone wants to claim that space expansion creates dark matter which in turn causes the space to contract again and the additional dark matter vanishes afterward - rabbit out of a hat back in the hat... good rabbit !!.)

Classical mechanics cannot satisfactorily explain quite a few phenomenons but quantum mechanics, in quite a few instances, cannot be reconciled with reality.

As far as quantum entanglement goes, there is no proof as of yet that "something" traveled between the entangled points, until that is done, no one can say anything about speed. 


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