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I am extending borrowed library book for the third time. I think it is time I invested in a good book, or a few books. What would be a good one to go with object pascal more in depth, anything past intro/beginner level?

Also, I found that Delphi books are fine, since this is same language, and very (VERY) similar environment. Please share what is on your shelf.

two well regarded titles in the delphi community are

* Julian Bucknall's The Tomes of Delphi Algorithms
* Ray Konopka's Developing Custom Delphi Components
there are also books for opengl, graphics, win32 programming and other specific subjects that you can buy, depending on your interests.

These are quite old books, but I think they deserve a read.

1. Edward Weber, etc. (1996) Developing with Delphi Object-Oriented Techniques

     This book is for entry level, but explores philosophies of OOP and Delphi.

2. Charles Calvert (1996), Delphi 2 Unleashed

    This is another old book, but deals really in-depth level.

Books from
* ) Marco Cantù
* ) Walter Doberenz and Thomas Kowalski
* ) Andreas Kosch
are always good to look for (maybe some author have not written in english)

The best is still the Delphi 7 reference guide, but that is not for sale. I learned some GDI programming from the "core" series (that also has a book on general win32 api)


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