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[solved ?] Prevent width being inconsistent with constraints


I’m using Lazarus ide version 2.0.12 on windows.

After a great deal of frustrating struggling I finally tracked down what was causing a problem With The resizing of tpanel in my frame.

It turns out that even after I changed the minwidth and maxwidth constraints, the tpanel width property stayed the same even though the width was no longer consistent with the constraints.

There seems to be some logic inside the file procedure Tsizeconstraints.setminwidth to keep the values of min and maxwidth Sensible, however it doesn’t check if the actual value if the width is within range of constraints.

It sort of worked ok if I slowly made my form smaller which was unacceptable.

I suggest that the control width Property is checked when constraints are set Or something along those lines...

Someone just told me that this issue was fixed in latest version. I’m curious what was fixed. Sorry I cannot remove this post it won’t let me..


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